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Can you host my Umbraco Cloud version 7 website? Yes, we can host your Umbraco version 7 website created within Umbraco Cloud. Please note you... Do you support PHP or WordPress? Yes, we can enable PHP on your hosting account, current PHP 7.4 and 8.0 are installed. Please... Do you support xStatic? Yes, we can host your xStatic website Does your Windows hosting support .NET Core? Yes, we support every LTS version of .NET Core with the inclusion of .NET 5 which is fully... How do I change file permissions on my website? You can change the file permissions on your website via SolidCP. Head to SolidCP Click Hosting... How do I check UmbHost service status? You or your customers can check the status of the UmbHost platform on our Status page:... How do I set up a scheduled task? You can set up a scheduled task within the SolidCP control panel. Head to SolidCP Click Hosting... Is URL Rewrite installed? Yes, as standard URL Rewrite is available and installed on our servers. Is Ucommerce supported on your platform? Yes, Ucommerce is fully supported on our platform. Is Vendr supported on your platform? Yes, Vendr is fully supported on our platform My website Application Pool keeps stopping, why is this? A per our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms and Conditions, by default all websites have a memory... What are the Umbraco file / folder permissions and how do I set them? You can change the file permissions on your website via SolidCP.   Head to SolidCP   Click... What do I do if I believe a site is in breach of UmbHost's policies? UmbHost impose a strict Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service which customers must... What is my temporary URL? When you order a hosting package you’re given a temporary URL. Your temporary URL will be in... What version of Windows do you run? We run Windows Server 2019 What versions of .NET Framework do you support? We support every version of .NET Framework from 3.5. What versions of Umbraco do you support? We officially support every version of Umbraco 7+, older versions may work on our platform but we... [VIDEO] How to Deploy Your Umbraco Site to UmbHost from AppVeyor Paul Seal over at has made a video to show how to get started on our hosting...